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Go local
When you buy from local businesses, restaurants, or farmers, your money is likely to stay here in Oklahoma.  Unlike large corporations, local business owners usually spend their money here instead of sending it out of state.  This means that spending money locally "multiplies" the effect of your dollar, making it more likely that it might end up back in your pocket someday.

Resource pages

Check out the resource pages listed below for ways to go local!
Eat Local food
  • Buy food grown locally
  • Drink local beer (or brew your own!)
  • Grow your own food / Garden
  • Eat at local restaurants

Support local institutions

  • Volunteer or donate to a worthy cause
  • Participate in government or education
  • Participate in community actitivities

Have local fun

  • Art & Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Museums
  • Events
  • Tourism  

Green your life

  • Use OKC public transportation, bike or walk
  • Improve your home's energy efficiency
  • Install renewable energy
  • Learn more about why the environment is important

 Get local, green "Stuff"

  • Buy used or consignment items
  • Use library resources
  • Buy from locally owned businesses


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OKC Weather History

* Also see the Resources page for non-local emergency preparedness, permaculture, gardening, cooking, and food preservation resources.