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About Us

We stand at a crossroads - do we ignore the related challenges of energy, economy and environment? Or do we join together in our communities to create a more fulfilling way of life that uses less energy and resources, and helps communities become healthier, more sustainable places to live?

Transition OKC believes that working together, using fun, creativity, innovation, and collaborative grassroots actions, we can meet these challenges while forging a more sustainable and resilient economy and way of living. 

We use the Transition Handbook, written by Rob Hopkins, to guide us on our journey to healthier, sustainable neighborhoods and cities.

Transition OKC:
  • Organizes projects to help people and communities become more sustainable and resilient. 
  • Hosts networking events to help connect people and organizations interested in going local.
  • Sponsors film screenings and other events to raise awareness about energy, environment, and economic issues and potential solutions.
  • Offers workshops and trainings to learn skills such as solar cooking, gardening,  permaculture, and more.
  • Offers information, resources, and connectivity through our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest guide.
  • Supports the activities of the many great organizations in Oklahoma City working to build community and resilience! 

Our goals


To be a catalyst for Oklahoma City's transition to local resiliency


Thriving local communities meeting their needs in a resilient, healthy and sustainable way


1.  To be a catalyst for a transition to sustainability and resilience.
2.  Act as a resource and library to support people and communities in transition.
3.  Act as a project incubator for Transition projects.
4. Be a model through our own events and activities.
5. Network by fostering connections among groups, individuals and institutions interested in the common goals of sustainability and resilience.


Positive & Pro-active

The Permablitz Project

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