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RESCHEDULED Urban Farm and Garden Tour 
Saturday Sept. 13, 8 a.m. - Noon.
Explore 13 stellar community gardens, urban farms and edible landscapes around the city! Tickets $5 for this self-guided tour. Find descriptions, addresses and map here.

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Introducing the OKC Urban Ag Coalition

Transition OKC and our partners CommonWealth Urban Farms, Closer to Earth, TLC Garden Centers, OSU-OKC and Myriad Gardens have formed a new coalition dedicated to helping urban agriculture thrive in OKC. We envision our friends and neighbors enjoying urban farms and gardens, edible landscaping, and permaculture while contributing to the health and well-being of our communities and planet.

We sponsor educational and inspirational projects and programs designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of urban ag and help OKC grow food while saving water and preserving biodiversity. 

Check out our OKC Urban Ag Coalition page for more information on upcoming events like the Urban Ag Film Series at Myriad Gardens and the Urban Ag Week in September.  

Celebrating 5 years of Transition

This year, Transition OKC celebrates five years of catalyzing resilience, sustainability and health in Oklahoma City. Since 2009, we have organized, collaborated or sponsored over 100 workshops, events, and presentations, including:
  • Film screenings
  • Local food networking events
  • Local food chef's challenge 
  • Moving Planet: an event for a Top 10 State in health and sustainability
  • Permablitzes and gardening workshops
  • Oklahoma's first full-length Permaculture Design Course
We organized an advocacy campaign for the urban agriculture ordinance that passed the Oklahoma City Council on December 31, 2013.

We participated in events like 5210 and Better Block OKC by offering educational and inspirational giveways and installations.

We inaugurated the first Community Catalyst award, presented to outgoing Oklahoma City Planning Director Russell Claus. 

We are a founding member of the Urban Agriculture Coalition, an informal coalition dedicated to helping urban farms and gardens thrive in Oklahoma City.

Thank you so much to our 501(c)3 partner and sponsor, Green Connections, as well as the many individuals and organizations that have collaborated with us and supported our work!

Join the momentum 
 Here are some ways to get involved. Transition OKC is for everyone - we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at:  info (at) goinglocalokc (dot) com.
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